FUE Hair Surgery – What You Need to Realize

Freia Medical Centre

FUE is short for follicular unit extraction. Why is FUE hair transplant distinctive from other methods of hair transplantation is always that it is less invasive. The existing way, called FUT or follicular unit transplantation method, requires the removing of a strip of hair from the donor area. Afterward, the follicular units are harvested through the strip. From the FUE method, the head of hair is harvested from your donor area one follicle during a period and then they are planted into the tiny slits inside the balding region of the head. To help make the process more safe, precision tools are utilized.

The main advantages of FUE Hair Surgery

The obvious benefit of the FUE hair transplant method over other ways of hair transplantation is that it will not leave a huge scar in the head from the donor. Scarring can continue to occur using this type of method yet it’s so minimal that the scar could be a breeze to disguise. This is a crucial deciding factor. In the end, who wishes to use a large scar only to have hair inside a balding spot? As mentioned earlier, the strategy can be less invasive. You can continue on with your usual activity after the FUE hair transplant. Obviously, healing with this way is also achieved quickly.

The Disadvantages with the FUE Method

Of course, no method is perfect. Should there be advantages then there are also disadvantages. One of the biggest setbacks in the FUE hair transplant method could it be is definitely less powerful compared to the Freia Medical Centre method. It is because with all the FUE method, the hair follicles might be damaged easily because of the fact that the process involves using a small cylindrical punch to discover the surrounding tissue in the scalp through the hair. The punch must be aligned properly. Otherwise, it could cut underneath area of the hair follicle that could dim its likelihood of survival. The FUE method also necessitates the shaving of the entire donor area. Obviously, it is a major issue for some people because they would have to deal with another bald spot for a long time. One other thing you’ll want to understand the HUE method would it be is more epensive than the FUT method.

Is FUE Hair Transplant in your case?

If you are somebody who only requires minimal hair transplantation, then your HUE method is good for you. This is why this action is popular among younger clients who simply want to fix a bald spot. If you’re offered to the potential of shaving your mind at least reducing your hair in an exceedingly short length in the future, then the HUE method can be right for you as well. Should you not enjoy large scars in your mind, then you need to also select the FUE method within the FUT method. A number of the disadvantages in the HUE method can be very hard to ignore but the advantages still outweigh them in many circumstances.


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